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Following specific brand guidelines, since early 2020 I have been supporting RouteNote Music Distribution Company in growing online presence by providing video content for all the main platforms.


I have been working within the company design team creating digital animations and video edits for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Here below you can see my workflow from market research to final delivery which also includes self recorded voiceovers.


After discussing general ideas within the creative team, I then proceed with creating a text script which includes visual images linked to the voiceover.

Once approved, I then include a quick storyboard to support the script, so that everyone in the team who is involved in the process can have a clear idea of the sequences, the framing and the composition.

Because all the animated assets have to adhere to specific brand styles, I will create whichever new asset is required for the upcoming animation and add it to the library for subsequent reuse.

Once I have recorded and edited the final voiceover, I will start laying out all the assets in the project file and create the final animation. Once approved, I will proceed on creating the audio mixdown for the final video which will be exported in different resolutions to accommodate all platforms. The final part will be the creation of the video thumbnail for YouTube. 

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